Smart With Money Finance Fair

Smart with Money Finance Fair

Imagine if you had a day to “try out” all the financial decisions a young adult would need to make…getting a job, establishing credit, buying a car…Would you make the right choices? Our $mart with Money High School Finance Fair is designed to teach high school students the basics of financial responsibility. Find out how it works!

how it works

Students at the Smart with Money High School Finance Fair will shed their teenage identities for a day and experience the life of a 25-year-old:

  • venturing into a career
  • moving into a place of their own
  • buying a new car
  • student loans
  • insurance coverage
  • credit card payments

Each student is given a salary and savings account balance, and they’ll have a budget worksheet to keep track of their funds as they pass from booth to booth. At each booth, sponsors will make presentations and guide students through life’s toughest financial decisions. When students have completed their tasks at all of the booths, they’ll meet with a financial advisor to discuss their decisions and determine whether they have met their goals. In the end, students will be armed with a wealth of financial knowledge they can use to make smart financial decisions in the future.


Main Sponsor:
Alyssa McNamara Reed, 
McNamara Financial Services, Inc.
Event Co-Chair:
Ashley Stanford
Marshfield High School Teacher